What models are used in earth science?

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A scientific model is an invaluable tool to help us visualize the truth as it pertains to some phenomena under study. Some of the primary models that are used in Earth Science include the following:

Physical Models - These models are probably the most familiar. They include smaller simpler representations of relevant topics which can be manually studied. Some examples include maps and globes.

Conceptual Models - These models serve as a tool to piece together a variety of concepts together so that we can better conceptualize the phenomena under investigation. Some examples include models which attempt to conceptualize why specific types of earthquakes, storm patterns, ,volcanoes, and minerals arise.

Mathematical Models - These models attempt to describe relevant topics using mathematics which has been molded and shaped around the phenomena under study. Often real-time data is a extracted from a setting with the intent of creating a mathematical relationship which allows one to discern relevant patterns. Some examples include mathematical models used to forecast specific weather or geological patterns.

How many examples of each type of model can you think of?

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