What are some examples of misunderstandings in William Shakespeare's Othello?

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Misunderstanding is an important theme in William Shakespeare’s Othello, and examples of misunderstandings appear throughout the play. Iago is often the cause that other characters fail to understand things correctly, and Roderigo and Othello are most often the victims of his deceptions. Roderigo, for instance, fails throughout most of the play to understand that Iago has consistently been deceiving him, yet he, ironically, although the obvious fool of the play, in some ways seems more suspicious and distrustful of Iago than is Othello. Thus at one point Roderigo says to Iago, “I do not find that thou dealest justly with me.” A bit later, he again says to Iago,

'Faith, I have heard too much, for your words and
performances are no kin together.

Only just before he dies, however, does Roderigo realize how fully he has misunderstood the...

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