What are the mistakes that can undermine an advertising campaign?

fortyyearsold | Student

1. You can do the most snooze-worthy lame pictures of people holding toothpastes.

2. You can totally screw up on the wording. Such as, " Get your toothpaste NOW. It's really great" Now that's what a call a business that will not succeed.

3. Let's say you make an editing mistake. get you tootherpaste now!

4. Do NOT EVER EVER EVER put borders on ads. It will look HORRIBLE. Trust me. My mom's tried it. Mom, why is the border overlaping the words?

realworld | Student


The problems of an advertising and some mistakes that makes us not to take ad campaign seriously. The incompatibility of an ad with language and cultural aspects of consumers.


1.      If ad message is not in a position to be understood by the consumers.

2.      If ad is merely projecting the intelligence of the ‘Copy Writers.’

3.      If Copy writers merely trying to test his/her creative language skills irrespective of ad message.

4.      The lack of empathetic outlook between ad makers and the ad making.

5.      If ad is threatening the potential customers through its negative side effects.

6.       If ad makers does not have positivism towards customers aspirations.

7.      If advertisements content distinct or discriminate itself from the language and culture of the consumers.


krishna-agrawala | Student

Advertising is any paid, non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods, or services by a known sponsor through a medium of mass communication. An advertising campaign refers to a series or related advertisements in one or more media.

The various mistakes that can undermine a an advertising campaign include the following.

  • Not clarifying the objectives of advertising clearly, or pursuing unrealistic advertising objectives. The objective of the advertisement includes the nature of changes in thinking and behavior of target audience to be achieved, and the identification of the target audience.
  • The resources used for the advertising not being adequate for achieving the advertising objective, or spending so much money on an advertising campaign that it hurts the financial position of the company.
  • Not developing an effective core message to be conveyed through the advertisement to achieve advertisement objective.
  • Bad design of the advertisement copy that fails to convey advertising message effectively.
  • Inappropriate selection of media mix for the advertisement campaign.
  • Incorrect timing of the advertising campaign.
  • Inadequate capacity of company handle effectively meet the increased customer demand or other customer responses resulting from the advertisement campaign.
giorgiana1976 | Student

We can talk about, at least 7 such mistakes.

Mistake 1. Launching the campaign without having a well defined purpose

Define from the beginning the stated purpose of the advertising campaign. If this is just simply the fact to spend some money, then the results will not be bright. Put on paper the main points that you want to get: a larger share of market for promoted products, an improvement in company image, launching a new product or service.

Mistake 2. Ad placement in a wrong advertising environment

Do not put ads at random. Examine all media. Just so to be sure that you are touching the target audience for your products. In addition, you are avoiding unnecessary expenses.

Mistake 3. Starting on the road without a market analysis

Establish campaign objectives according to market analysis.Otherwise, your campaign will not reach the target audience. Before the  start find what  are your campaign ups and downs, of competitors, which is the reaction of customers towards your products. To know where to get, you have to know where you are.

Mistake 4. Non-fixing  the budget for the campaign from the beginning
Calculate publicity budget, on well-defined period, usually one year. Fall to this level rather than redo it many times.

Mistake 5. Failure to adapt on the   road

If you notice that your marketing strategy does not achieve the desired result, change it. Adapt or use an advertising agency to discuss the possibility of launching another campaign.

Mistake 6. Promoting inconsistent the  product or service

Mistake 7. Dissemination of advertising only when things go wrong

Promoting products has to be deployed in parallel with your everyday work. Make your business plan.