What does the Misfit mean when he says the grandmother would have been a good person if someone had been there to shoot her every moment of her life? How does that meaning reflect the overall plot of the story?

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The Misfit seems to recognize and understand the grandmother's negative qualities after only a few minutes of being in her company. She does not filter her thoughts, and most of what she has to say is self-serving, not taking into account other people's needs, thoughts, or feelings. It is arguable that because she blurts out that she recognizes the Misfit he quickly decides to kill the family and take their car.

When the Misfit says that the grandmother might have been a good person if someone had been there to shoot her every moment of her life, it seems that he recognizes that she isn't a bad person at heart, but she needs someone to save her from herself. Her lack of a filter and controlling nature makes her very hard to deal with, but if someone had been there to keep her in check, she might have learned to consider others instead of manipulating them. Insisting on the detour to the plantation and bringing the cat along that causes the accident sets in motion the chain of events that leads to the family's destruction.

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