What is the mirror effect between Bilbo and Gandalf in The Hobbit? i am exploring the relationship between the guide and the main character of the following three books: Alice in Wonderland, The Hobbit, and Othello. I am using the concept of a mirror effect and Im stuck on Bilbo and Gandalf.

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One aspect of the mirror effect in The Hobbit between Gandalf and Bilbo is that often the guide sees the main character more clearly than the main character does; this is especially true for Bilbo and Gandalf.  From the very beginning, Gandalf possesses a very clear perception of Bilbo's potential; he sees the hobbit for everything that Bilbo is and could be.  As the adventure progresses, Bilbo frequently surprises Gandalf, but again, the wizard reaffirms Bilbo's role in the quest--even at times when the hobbit doubts himself or his abilities.  A great example of this occurs toward the end of the book after Bilbo has just given the Arkenstone to Bard and the Elven King to aid in their bartering with Thorin.  Gandalf claps him on the back and exclaims, "Well done! Mr. Baggins! [...] There is always more about you than anyone expects!" (245). 

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