What is Mira's character like in "Games at Twilight"?

Expert Answers
sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Mira is the alpha leader of the group.  Kids do what she says, because she has a dominating personality.  Some people might call is bossy, and I would agree with that, but the story describes her personality a tiny bit differently.  

The motherly Mira intervened. She pulled the boys roughly apart.

Okay, so Mira is "motherly."  I still think bossy based on the following paragraph.  

"Make a circle, make a circle!'' she shouted, firmly pulling and pushing till a kind of vague circle was formed. "Now clap!'' she roared,. . . 

Mira says, kids do.  Bossy and motherly are a lot alike I believe.  Moms are in charge of their kids.  When my mom told my brother and I to do something, we were expected to do it.  I also believe that Mira is likely bigger and stronger than many of the kids in the group. Perhaps she is older, which is why she is able to be bigger and stronger.  But the text says that she verbally gives orders and physically pushes and pulls people around.  That sounds bossy to me.