What minerals from volcanoes can eventually become rock? What kinds of rock can those materials become?  

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bandmanjoe eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When one stops to think about it, all the rocks we encounter in the earth's crust had as their starting point the minerals produced from hot, molten magma in the earth's mantle.

There are a lot of minerals and elements that come from volcanic eruptions and activity that can become rocks

Gold veins and deposits are found worldwide, particularly around areas that have volcanic activity.  Diamond deposits are also found in areas that are formed from volcanic activity.  Bauxite is aluminum ore, the same aluminum used widely in drink cans, aluminum foil, you name it.  Nickel is an element used to make stainless steel, found in various volcanic deposits around the world called kromatiites.  Obsidian is a type of glass formed from the silicone in the volcanic lava flows.  The different colors are indicative of the multiplicity of minerals that are dissolved in the lava content. Bauxite is a rock that can form from basalt, which has silica content.

Volcanic rocks are named according to their chemical composition. Basalt is a very common volcanic rock with low silica content. (volcanodiscovery.com)

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