What are MILL'S views on freedom of thought and expression in ON LIBERTY?answer in detail

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Certainly, there will be no substitute than the actual reading of Mill's work.  There is much there that serves as the basis in the discussion of freedom and the relationship between individuals and their authority.  I think that we can make some fundamental claims on the thought of individual freedom in the work of Mill.  The first would be that Mill is concerned with the basic relationship of individuals and their government.  He seeks to devise a configuration where the individual is able to participate in a social and political collection of others as well as ensuring that their fundamental rights of expression and thought are not precluded by the external social or political body.  This helps to carve out a dualism of the public and private in Mill's thought.  Both are a part of the individual expression in the modern setting, but Mill's study reveals that the latter must be protected from the reach of the former.  Mill argues that public intervention into private freedom should only exist when there is a threat to public good or to oneself.  If individuals are in sound mind and a natural sense of judgment, they should be left to utilize their freedom in any matter they choose.