What might some of the other neighborhood children have told the three children in the yard if they’d known who was watching them?

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Let's start by answering who was watching the children. That person is the owner of the small antiques shop that is in the neighborhood. Nobody really knows that much about this particular old man, and everybody refers to him as the Professor. In chapter 1, the Professor sees three kids go into a fenced off storage yard, and the Professor plans on watching them to see what they do. He is unable to fully engage his curiosity because a customer walks in; however, the three children might not have been so keen on starting the Egypt game had they known for sure that the Professor had been watching them since day one. This is because most kids have a fear of the Professor. There is a lack of knowledge about him, so there is an air of mystery that surrounds him. Chapter 1 tells readers that he is tall and bent with a straggly beard. His eyes are dark and expressionless and set so deeply under his eyebrows that his eyes actually look like dark empty holes. He is a creepy looking old guy that doesn't say much of anything and operates a run down and dirty shop. He is portrayed a bit like a stereotypical boogeyman. Kids likely tell horrible stories about things the Professor does to kids that cross him or invade on his property.

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