In The Necklace, what might be Madame Loisel's thoughts and feelings right after she learns that the diamond necklace was only paste?

Expert Answers
troutmiller eNotes educator| Certified Educator

After finding out that her last 10 years of poverty and hard labor were worth nothing, Madame Loisel was most likely devastated. She struggled so much to be a part of the upper class society and was too embarrassed to admit her failure when she lost the necklace.  She was probably in complete shock, and she probably did not know how to react at first when she learned it was only a fake necklace.  In fact, the story is even more effective because we don't see the initial reaction of Loisel.  All of her hard work and years of living in squalor would race through her mind as she relived the bad experiences all over in front of the still youthful and beautiful Mrs. Forestier. By not showing the reader her reaction, we put ourselves into the shoes of the character and react in our own personal ways.