What might have been the quality of Madame Loisel's life if she had not lost the necklace in "The Necklace"?

If Madame Loisel had not lost the necklace in "The Necklace," her quality of life would be much the same as it is in the beginning of the story. She would be relatively secure and comfortable to many but not to her. She would have continued being miserable, feeling as though she was meant to be born into luxury, and only noticing the negative aspects of her life. She probably would have done something else inadvisable to escape her circumstances.

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Madame Loisel would still have led a very unhappy life even if she hadn't lost the necklace. This is because she believes—without any evidence, it should be pointed out—that she has aristocratic blood coursing through her veins. As she believes herself entitled to better things, anything short of an upper-class lifestyle would be completely unacceptable to her.

Even so, the material conditions of Mathilde's life would've been much better had she not lost the necklace. Yes, it would still have been the kind of modest middle-class life that she cordially loathes and from which she yearns to escape, but at least she wouldn't have been poor; she wouldn't have had to perform back-breaking work in order to make ends meet.

But Mathilde is too blinded by greed and snobbery to see that. Deeply unsatisfied by the life that she leads, she's convinced that the grass is always greener on the other side. That's why she jumps at the chance to wear what she wrongly thinks is a valuable necklace to...

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