What might happen if a person's own core values are not in line with those of the organization in which they work?

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There are three main things that can happen if a person's core values are not compatible with those of the organization for which the person works.  They are:

  • The person can change their core values.  People who work in such organizations may come to convince themselves that they should change their values.  They may question and come to feel that their values must be wrong if their coworkers all think differently.
  • The person can suffer from stress while continuing to work for the organization.  This is what would result if the worker does not change their core values and yet remains at work in this organization.  They will constantly be torn between their values and what they have to do to get by at work.  This will lead to intense mental and emotional stress.
  • The person can stop working at that organization.  The person can quite working at the organization because of the stress caused by the clash of values.  Alternatively, the person could be unable to work really productively in such an organization and may be fired for lack of production.
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