What might Francis of Assisi say to contemporary culture and its anti-Christ bias?

Expert Answers
readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a very interesting question and a fun use of imagination. I think he would say a few things. 

First, he would ask people why they did not like Christ, if they did really did not. At this point, he would probably make a distinction between the followers of Christ, who sometimes are offensive and unloving and Christ, who is filled with love and grace. In other words, he would give a truer picture of Christ than what many Christians present. 

Second, he may give his own story or testimony. He was a son of a wealthy merchant who was steeped in pleasure and worldly things. He would say that these things did not give him pleasure in the final analysis. In fact, these things left him empty and hallow. He would then probably say that he found true pleasure in Christ. For this reason, one does not have to have an anti-Christ stance. Furthermore, he would probably talk about the love and forgiveness of Christ. 

Finally, he may make a comment on the importance of protecting the environment, after all he is the patron saint of animals.