What might cause a daily headache?

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This is a tricky question because I do not know your lifestyle or health conditions, and there are many things which might cause a headache. Please consult your physician if this headache does not go away and is troubling you.

Here are some things you should consider, whether or not you see your physician:

Are you hydrated? Not drinking enough water is a common problem which can result in a headache. If you are experiencing headache on a regular basis or at about the same time every day, you should up your fluid intake. Most people require around 64oz of water every day, but if you drink caffeinated beverages, perform physical activity, or have blood pressure problems, plan to drink more than that. A good rule of thumb is that for every caffeinated beverage you drink, try to drink at least 8oz of water, as caffeine is a diuretic.

If you drink caffeinated beverages like coffee, tea, and soda pop, you may be experiencing what is known as a "caffeine headache." Consider how many caffeinated beverages you drink on a daily basis and try to reduce this to just one or two 8oz servings. Be sure to drink plenty of water, too!

Are you eating well? Nutritional deficiency is another common cause of headaches. Make sure you are eating a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, as these are rich in many of the vitamins and minerals our body uses to function properly. Deficiency in vitamin D or magnesium are common nutritional causes of chronic headaches.

Allergies can also cause headaches, especially during the times of year when plants are releasing pollen and crops are being harvested. People with undiagnosed food allergies can experience chronic headaches if they are ingesting foods they are allergic to on a daily basis, as this triggers an immune response and inflammation in the body. If you do not know whether you have any allergies or what treatment would be appropriate for you, speak with your physician and ask about a referral to an allergist. 

It is also possible that you experience stress which causes muscles in your neck and shoulders to tighten up, creating tension around your head. Try stretching out your neck and shoulders by allowing your head to fall gently to one side, then forward, then to the other side in a half-circle motion. This helps to release tense muscles along the neck and upper back.

Again, please speak to your physician if you are suffering from a daily headache!

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