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Microsoft Corporation is a software company founded by Bill Gates in 1975. The name is a portmanteau word based on the primary focus of the corporation. What we now call "personal computers" were called "micro-computers" in the 1970s. Microsoft produced software for micro-computers and invented a name suggesting MICROcomputer SOFTware.

The two main products on which the success of Microsoft was based were a simple programming language, BASIC, and a operating system, MS DOS, that could be used on PCs. Later Microsoft expanded its offerings to include office applications, including word processing, spreadsheet, and slide display software. As the internet came into being, Microsoft integrated an internet browser (IE) and graphical user interface (Windows) with its system software.

bellclara1985 | Student

It is a software company.

crystaltu001 | Student

Microsoft is a company that manufactures or makes things that are computers or things that are used for computers. Microsoft was found by Bill Gates in April 1975. Microsoft is a huge manufacturing company that makes millions of dollars every single year.

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