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What is a micro cell counter and what are its types? Bioinstruments

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I hope I am answering you correctly. In my field, Clinical Lab technology, we utilize a cell counter to analyze blood and body fluids. For instance, in a complete blood count, you would be analyzing white cells, red cells, hemoglobin, hematocrit etc.. What happens is that you place a tube of specimen of blood to the machine. The machine aspirates approximately 50-200 ul of blood into the machine and separates based on the size of the particle. Depending on the type (brand) of instrument, the blood is partitioned and fractionated into different chambers and counted in a flow cytometer. Other componenets are based on known figures from the actual counted components (hgb, hct mcv, mch, mchc). The machine is also able to differentiate cells based on their particular size and granules. A differential is then compiled and reported.

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