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"Of Mice and Men" is a book about two men who live during the depression era.  One man, George is small and intelligent.  The other man, Lenny, is feeble minded but is loyal to George.  They grew up together and George promised that he would take care of Lenny.  He has accepted the responsibility for Lenny.  However, he indicates some frustration in his responsibility.

“I could live so easy and maybe have a girl” (7).

In the beginning of the book they have to leave town and find another job because Lenny had assaulted a girl.  They come to an area where George establishes a plan that if anything goes wrong they will meet.  They get jobs as ranch hands.

Lennie has been keeping a pet mouse in his pocket which he rubs.  He does not understand death.  He also is a large strong man who does not comprehend the danger of his own strength. At the ranch Lenny becomes the victim of the owner's son Curley.  He is a bully.  Lenny accidentally breaks Curley's arm when they engage in a fight started by Curley.

Lenny befriends a man named Candy.  He is an old washed up ranchman who ahs a mangled arm.  He has given up his dreams.  Lenny tells him that he and George are saving their money to buy a farm.  He is going to raise rabbits.  Candy is excited and agrees to contribute his savings to the ranch so he can live there.

Curley has a wife.  He is very jealous of her.  Lenny is given a puppy by Slim the head ranch hand.  He loves to pet smalls things and accidentally kills it.  Curley's wife comes in and he pets her hair.  He gets too rough and she starts to scream.  Lenny accidentally breaks her neck. He runs to hide at the designated place.

George and the ranchers find Curley's wife.  George knows they will kill Lenny.  He goes ahead of them and finds Lenny.  While talking to him about the ranch he shoots him in the head.  He has killed his friend to protect him so the others will not harm him.

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