What methods used by the Nazis in light of the conditions of the period helped the party to rise in power?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Nazis were able to utilize the politics of scapegoating in the most effective of manners  to consolidate their power.  The lack of economic, political, and social hope in Weimar Germany was one set of conditions that the Nazis used to bolster their cause. Their methods involved the manipulation of these conditions as well as physical intimidation to ensure that their voice would be the only one heard in Germany.

In his 1923 Beer Hall Putsch trial, Adolf Hitler was able to use the conditions of social malaise in Germany to his advantage.  He was able to manipulate the trial to make it a platform for his beliefs being heard to all.  Following this was the publication of his work, Mein Kampf.  These enabled Hitler and the Nazis to gain a following in making the argument that "outsiders" wanted to see Germany fail.  Using keen political savvy, the Nazi party began to use their growing position to initiate and influence legislation that would target these "outsiders," in particular Jewish people.  At the same time, the Nazis demonstrated themselves adept at using political manipulation and physical intimidation to eliminate potential threats to their power.  

The Nazis were able to parlay Germany's weakened condition as a result of a conspiracy that people like the Jewish in Germany manipulated to their benefit.  The economic challenges that so many Germans faced made them open targets for the Nazis.  The renaming of Jewish- named streets and the re-appropriation of Jewish businesses to Germans were a part of this process.  The Nazis were also able to make the case that Weimar Germany was unable to handle the challenges that faced the nation.  Hindenburg's suspension of democracy only justified the Nazi claim that democratic forms of government would not benefit the nation.  In this realm of political chaos and lack of social appreciation for diversity, the Nazis were able to use physical intimidation and political savvy to gain power and ensure no other opposition within Germany was present.