What are the methods of measuring nervous stress caused due to whole body vibrations?Ergonomics - Whole body Vibrations

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Work-related stress occurs when environmental conditions demand employees to work beyond capacity.

Stress at work can be avoided and action to reduce it can be very profitable. Risk assessment of stress at work involves the same principles and basic processes and assessment of other risks at work. Inclusion of employees and their representatives in the evaluation process is essential to its success, they must be consulted to identify causes stress, the groups that are its victims and the solutions to be adopted to help.

Stages of risk assessment can be summarized as:
• identify risks;
• establishment of persons who may be affected by stress and how;
• risk assessment by:
an identification of measures already taken; a check whether these measures are sufficient, and one if not sufficient, toestablish additional measures that could be adopted;
• recording the results, and
• review the assessments at appropriate intervals and checking the impact of measures taken.

To detect a problem

Risk factors to be identified are:
• "culture" or "atmosphere" of the organization and how to tackle
stress at work;
• job applications, such as work load and exposure to
physical threat to the working environment;
• control over their work - how much can influence how employees
performing their own work?
• labor relations, especially intimidation and harassment at work;
• changes in workplace organization - such as organizational changes how they are runned and communicated ;

Decisions who may be affected by stress and how
We are all vulnerable to pressures which are subject to a time given. Factors helps establish the nominated persons which 
are at risk.
Symptoms that allow to determine whether work-related stress is a problem in the organization. Behavior
• abusive consumption of tobacco, alcohol or drugs, violence, intimidation or
On the psychological level
• sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, inability to concentrate,
irritability, problems in family relationships, fatigue.
• back pain, heart problems, stomach ulcers, hypertension, impaired
immune system.

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