What methods and institutions did the Persians use to amass and maintain their Empire?

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Leaders of the Persian Empire employed different methods and strategies to consolidate and advance their Empire. Cyrus the Great and the founding father of the Persian Empire escaped death as a baby and lived to organize a successful revolt by the Persians against the Medes. After the overthrow of the Medes, Cyrus went on a conquering spree to amass territory and wealth. He employed a variety of creative military strategies against his neighbors to grow the Empire. For instance, he used camels to frighten the Lydian charging horses. He took advantage of social dissent in Babylon and attacked the region.

Cyrus was succeeded by his son, Cambyses, who continued with his father’s territorial conquest. Cambyses was succeeded by his cousin, Darius I, after he led a successful revolution against him.

Darius consolidated the Persian Empire and instituted numerous reforms in running the vast empire. Darius established a strong communication network within the empire and reigned in on the provincial governors. He achieved this by limiting access and correspondence from the treasury and the military to his office. This ensured that the empire remained united with minimal risk of rebellion. Darius also employed tolerance when dealing with Persian subjects to reduce the chances of a revolt. Persian kings also employed a number of spies to gather intelligence with regards to the state of the Persian society and general opinions among the people.

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