What methods did the interview of Russell Williams use or not use and why was this method the best one used in this specific case?

Expert Answers
currerbell eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Investigators used the "Reid Technique" to interrogate Williams. 

This technique utilizes non-accusatory questions in the beginning and focuses instead on questions that will provoke behavior. If behavior is observed that leads the questioner to suspect guilt, then the "Reid Nine Steps" are deployed 

The Reid Nine Steps are:

1) Direct confrontation

2) Shifting blame to others

3) Discouraging denial

4) Use of information to provoke confession

5) Reinforce sincerity

6) Suggest alternatives

7) Give concrete alternatives. Whichever they choose admits guilt

8) Suspect repeats guilt in front of witnesses

9) Document confession 

The method is controversial because of its intensity. In an interview with The Ottawa Sun, Sgt. Jim Smyth explains: 

"This type of thing is designed to overcome the will of any person, and it may be good, it may be useful at getting confessions from people who are guilty," said defence lawyer James Foord.

"The problem is, it seems to be pretty good at getting people to say anything, so therein lies the difficulty."