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What methods did the government and private citizens use to help the US mobilize during WWI?

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The United States entry into WWI required a lot of energy from both the federal government and from the American public.

The public needed to be convinced of the necessity of US involvement, after the US initially chose to remain out of the war. The new movie industry was used to help sway the public with anti-German propaganda films. One of these was called The Kaiser, the Beast of Berlin. Propaganda posters were created by the US government, and the names of many German items were changed. For example, a street in Brooklyn that had been named Hamburg Avenue was changed to Wilson Avenue.

Women in the United States were needed to do "men's jobs" for the first time. They would do this in even greater numbers later in WWII. A draft was instituted, calling up approximately three million men. The federal government put millions of dollars into ammunition, artillery, and machinery. War bonds were sold, called Liberty Bonds, to provide financial support for the war effort. Food was rationed (e.g., meats and sugar). Preparing and going to war was a concerted effort by the public and the federal government.

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