What method does the writer use to show Max's development?

Expert Answers
Noelle Thompson eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Probably one of the most interesting “methods” that the author uses to develop the character of Max is the use of dramatic irony. Dramatic irony, of course, is when a character does not know something that the reader does know. From the beginning of the novel, the reader knows that Max is actually a good kid who simply lacks self-esteem. Of course, from the very beginning, Max does not even know what self-esteem is. Max simply thinks he is a bad kid who is “dumb” and has a bad father. Sometimes Max even doubts whether he is a “real person.” The reader knows from the very beginning that Max is definitely a real person who only bullies kids in daycare as a way of “acting out” due to the tragedy in his life. Max is actually quite smart. For example, Max not only knows how to retrieve Kevin’s toy from the tree but also knows that putting Kevin on Max’s shoulders would help them both. It is Max who actually creates “Freak the Mighty.” Although it is true that Max has a father who is a criminal and a murderer, Max proves that he is completely unlike his father. Not only does Max learn to love Kevin as a best friend but also chooses to immortalize Kevin, after Kevin’s tragic death, through written word.