what is the method and apparatus of a titration between HCl and Na2CO3. you are given 25cm cubed of standard solution Na2CO3 of concentration 0.05mol.dm cubed.

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For titration we will require


conical flask

measuring cylinder

Ph indicator


Acid-Base Tititration to measure the unknown concentration.

Used to find the molarity of a solution of an acid or a base.
in titration

one solution is taken in burette usually we take base

Another solution is taken in beaker it will be acid with a indicator

Indicator will change the color of the acid.

Now run base drop by drop into the beaker and keep stirring the beaker the solution will become colorless at one point that is called the end point note the volume run down in the burette. Repeat the same till you get two consecutive and the use the volume as V1 which will have some concentration let it be M1.

The volume of the solution taken the beaker is V2 and we have to find the unknown concentration of the soilution in the beaker That is M2.

Formula = M1 * V1 = M2 * V2

M2 = (M1 * V1)/V2

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