What is methaqualone, when was it popular?

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Methaqualone is a central nervous system depressant drug that is medically used for insomnia and fatigue. However, it was illegally used for recreation that made its way to be controlled by the government. 

The general effects of methaqualone include drowsiness, decreased respiration rate, aphrodisiac characteristic, decrease in blood pressure and pulse rate, numbness, problems in speech, increased of sexual arousal and photophobia. Overdose of the drug heightens the effect which can lead to organ complication/failure, convulsion, delirium, cardiac arrest and death.

The drug was discovered by Indian scientist in the 1950's and was labelled as a sedative drug. Upon further clinical trials and patents, the drug was introduced into the United States of America. The abuse intake of drug was heightened in the 1970's since the drug was more available to consumers. In 1984, the US government control the legality of the drug in the market.