What is the meter of Campion's "There is a Garden in Her Face?"

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thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I've marked below, above the words of the first few lines, the stress and rhyme pattern.. This process is known as "scanning" and it is how you analyze poetic meter. I use - for a weak syllable and / for a strong syllable and | to indicate foot divisions.


/        -  | -  /  |  -   / | -    /                       A

There is |a Gar| den in| her face,

-          /  | -     /   |   /      /  |  -    /           B
Where Ro|ses and | white Lill| ies grow ;|

-       /   | -  /   | -  / | -   -      /
A heau'n|ly par|adice| is that place,|             A

Wherein all pleasant fruits doe flow.              B
There Cherries grow, which none may buy     C
Till Cherry ripe themselues doe cry.               C

The basic metrical pattern is iambic tetrameter, with an average of 1 rhythmical variation per line (fairly typical of the period) oincluding spondaic, trochaic, and anapestic substitution, with occasional use of ellision. The stanzas are sestets, rhymed ababcc.


thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

nb -- the enotes software changed my spacing making the scansion hard to read. Sorry.

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