What is a metaphor that can explain how neurons work?

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In order to establish a metaphor that can explain how neurons work, we need to establish a baseline or basic definition.  A working definition of a neuron can be: "Neurons (also known as neurones, nerve cells and nerve fibers) are] electrically excitable cells in the nervous system that function to process and transmit information."  The neuron is the relayer of messages related to sensory perception and transmits this information to the central nervous system.  Neurons "send signals to the spinal cord and brain."  In this light, the neuron is not directly in command, but rather functions in a serving capacity to relay information to those in charge.

One metaphor that can apply here is a warfighting metaphor.  Direct actions on the battlefield are relayed by military officers to those in the position of command.  For example, the squad leaders are like the neurons who are able to effectively convey to those higher up the military command chain what is happening on the...

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