Can you help me identify use of metaphor in this short story "The river that wasn't ours"?link:...

Can you help me identify use of metaphor in this short story "The river that wasn't ours"?


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e-martin eNotes educator| Certified Educator

What we are looking for here is a use of language which compares two unlike things, specifically creating an identification between two things that are not actually identical. Often, metaphors are subtle and are presented as a part of the "flow" of a text and, because they are a natural element in the text, they do not always stand out. 

In this text, personification is used initially (this is another type of figurative language, like metaphor, and it's appearance might confuse a reader. Personification is related to metaphor, but the two are not the same.) 

Here we see a sentence with both metaphor and personification: We bombed off the bridge in flying leaps, eyes tightly shut as the water swallowed us whole.

The term "bombed" can be considered to be a metaphor, comparing the act of jumping to the dropping of a bomb. "Swallowed" is an example of personification, attributing the water with human or animal qualities.

Another type of metaphor is simile (a comparison of two unlike things using the word "like" or "as"), which is also used in this text when the water is described as "churning like an animal".  

Beyond the examples cited here, this text does not use the tool of metaphor but uses a heavy amount of personification. 

boeing | Student

metaphore has different meaninigs,one is to apply a word to something that is not literally applicabale.the ralationship that will exist between two words,will force the listener or reader to find the similarities.and there is a simple kernal pattern for every metaphore which is: (sth) is (like) (sth) for example:

John is a lion!

mean he is as brave as a lion or as strong as or...

He saved us from the accident,he is an angle!

hope it was helpful,Was it?