What is a metabolic pathway and what are some specific examples of metabolic pathways used in cellular respiration?

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Metabolic pathway involves two pathway that is anabolism and catabolism.....

Anabolism means synthesis.

Catabolism means Break-Down.

So Metabolism can be defined as a seriezs of chemical reaction which involves both anabolism and catabolism is called Metabolism which involves several enzymes and cofactors.

In cellular respiration....

This takes place in a cell of a organism which convert the biochemical energy into ATP form which is utilized by the body and releasing the waste material out.

This will involve...


krebs cycle

Electron transport and Oxidative Phosphorylation...

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A metabolic pathway is a series of chemical reactions that are used to modify a chemical substance in some form or fashion so it is in a more usable form for the purpose it is to be used for.  A good example of a metabolic pathway would be the cellular respiration equation where glucose is oxidized by oxygen to produce ATP, adenosine triphosphate.  The ATP molecule is used by virtually all animal cells as the primary energy source for the cells life functions.  The glucose molecule undergoes several modifications on its way to being catabolized into ATP.  These modifications are facilitated by enzymes, which are substances that increase the rate of the chemical reaction.  Enzymes serve in the capacity of a catalyst in these reactions.  Glycolysis, aerobic/anaerobic respiration, citric cycle/Krebs cycle, and oxidative phosphorylation are all examples of metabolic pathways that are employed by most all living organisms in some capacity to secure their individual cells energy requirements.

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