What are the messages in the play "Soul Gone Home?"

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The one-act play written by Langston Hughes entitled A Soul Gone Home portrays several messages about poverty, family, racial inequality, and selfishness.

This play was written in 1937, which was a time of great racial inequality in the US. In the South, Jim Crow laws were in effect, making second class citizens of black people. All public facilities were separate and definitely not equal. Black people were expected to act in deference to white people in all ways. While this was not happening to the same degree in the North, where Hughes lived, there was certainly inequality. People of color, immigrants, and the vulnerable of society were not able to secure good paying jobs and ended up in tenement housing that sprung up during the 1880s. These were high rise buildings with little light, poor ventilation, and often inadequate plumbing. The extreme poverty of these areas led to many health problems, and opportunities to rise up from that living situation were nonexistent. This was another...

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