What messages are in Take The Lead?

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The movie, Take the Lead, is a motivational film aimed at teens. While this film deals with ballroom dancing, its messages go way beyond the dance floor. This film shares messages about how to survive when living under very challenging situations and when living in very difficult environments.

One important message is about how important it is for young people to get an education in order to get ahead in life. The message being conveyed in this film is that getting an education is critical to being able to do what a person wants to do in his or her life.

Another message is that young people should pursue their dreams. The movie hints that nothing is impossible. However, while they should pursue their dreams, they also should keep their options open. Students shouldn’t focus only on one thing. They should have back up plans in case their original goal isn’t achieved.

The movie stresses a few other important messages. It stresses how important it is to work with people from different backgrounds. It also emphasizes the need to treat people kindly and with respect. Treating others with dignity may open doors for people, to help them achieve their goals and their dreams.

There are many important messages in the film, Take the Lead. These messages are aimed at teens, but, in reality, they apply to everybody.

Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One of the most overwhelming messages of the film is the need for arts education.  In an age of high stakes standardized assessment, funding for the arts in education is often a casualty.  The film makes very clear the idea that the students that Mr. Dulaine teaches have been marginalized by the traditional educational system.  Art is the medium by which they can be reached and through which lives can be changed.  This is a profound message and one that is not easily forgotten.  Another message that comes out of the film is a sheer beauty of classical dance.  This is more subtle, but there is a transcendence present in dances like the waltz or the tango where two people become merged in a "moment" that goes beyond external conditions and contingencies.  There is a reason why the children are entranced and inspired by the tango.  Seeing Mr. Dulaine tango is what initially causes the students to pivot towards dancing.  It is this precise message about dance and believing in a craft that causes the students to accept the idea that their identities are not solely determined by their contingencies and conditions.