What is the message of a wrinkle in time?  How does "landing in the brocolli patch"/a wrinkle in time relate to when you reach me?

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"A Wrinkle in Time"  is all about the battle between good and evil. Every character in the book is identified as good or evil.  Many of the books messages are found in the life lessons Meg must learn during her quest.

The first message comes from Meg learning to overcome her desire for conformity, and appreciate being an individual.

The second message found in the book comes from Meg learning she can not know everything.

Another message comes from Meg not being able to voice what she is thinking and feeling, Meg has to learn to be heard.

All of the above are messages found throughout the book, but there is one that shows up over and over again...the triumph of love.  It is shown in many ways, by many characters all througout the book.

How "landing in a broccoli patch" relates to  When You Reach Me

Some say When you Reach Me is a modern day A Wrinkle in Time. The story lines are not identical, but there are some comparisons. The heroine from When you Reach Me always totes a worn copy of A Wrinkle in Time around with her wherever she goes. This heroine, named Miranda, and a buddy debate how Meg and Charles Wallace (from A Wrinkle in Time) could have landed back in the broccoli patch five minutes before they left without seeing themselves before they traveled through time. Time-travel plays a role in both tales, and both books have a message of, the triumph of love.


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