What is the message of the story?

chipmunk220 | Student

The story has a complex message that's difficult to understand because it's mired in the fog of pseudo-reality,wrapped in symbolic meaning that clearly indicates that the nation has little hope if its inquirer is representative of primordial ooze from which his generation has emerged .The question in itself, "what is the message of the story?" is a clear indication that the intellectual capacity of the inquirer is severely diminished to a point where it would be nearly impossible to suggest that the inquirer would be capable of rising above the level of achievement beyond posing the ubiquitous querry posed at various markets across this country, "Paper or Plastic?" (they may,with effort,possibly rise to posing the essential question "Do you want fries with that?) The question "What is the message of the story?" posed,as it was with the utterly ignorant assumption that somehow,anyone would be able to effectively answer this question without any indication of which story the inquirer references, gives yet another dimension to the querry we ponder. Ultimately,the nature of the question and the ignorance of its inquirer,leaves this responder to the inevitable conclusion that the message of the story is one of deep despair that resonates through the vacuous hallways of today's educational institutions. In summation, the story's message is: there is no hope.