What is the message in the song "Beasts of England" in  Animal Farm?

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The overall message of the song is one in which the animals sing of a world without human beings.  The message of the song is one where there is triumph of the animals over the exploitation of the humans.  Old Major sings this to the animals to emphasize his overall vision of a world without human interference and intervention in the animal world.  Along with the commandments of Animalism, the song is an element that brings out a sense of unity and community in the animals.  It helps to coalesce them as a group against the humans such as Jones who abuse the animals.  The song is an example of the animals' cause being something that is more than simply a vain wish or idea, but rather an actual set of beliefs in which the animals are able to envision of a world of what should be as opposed to a world of what is.  It is here where I think that the animals are able to start the process of reclaiming and identifying a voice, something that they are denied in the world of the humans. It is this message that is so very important in the song and in the course of the novel.

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