What is the message of the short story "The Address" by Marga Minco.  What are 3 points one may talk about in this short story?

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lewismct eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Although ostensibly a very sad story about loss and regret emanating from the persecution of the Dutch Jews during the Second World War, like The Diary of Anne Frank it also more intimately speaks to the personal challenges we all must face as individuals in resolving crisis in our own lives. The story relays events before and after the war as the female narrator attempts to confront her past as she visits "the address" where her family's past belongings were "stored," a non-Jewish neighbour's house. On a deeper level, the story is a commentary on memories and remembering - on what is worth remembering and what is worth forgetting: things "lose their value when you see them again, torn out of context…" As a way of teaching epiphany and mature perspective, as well as the role of historical background/context in reading, this story should prove invaluable for young people.

tanishaarora | Student

this story is a piognant account of a daughter who goes in search of her mother's belongings after war, in holland.

when she finds them, the objects evoke memories of her earlier life.however, she decides to leave them all behind and resolves to move on.

vasundhara815 | Student

The address is a story relating to the prosecution of the dutch Jews during the second world war.It is a very sad yet touching story about how a lady wants to relive the memories attached with the "things" her mom and she owned before the destructive and meaningless war took place.She visits the address of the lady who now has her things. She lives at Marconi street,house number 46.When she finally visits her house and looks at her things with detail and love she immediately realizes with a very heavy heart that these things don't feel like"hers" anymore and she doesn't wish to stay in the house any longer.

The main theme of the story is the redemption of the past and moving on.It is about having the courage of leaving your "THINGS" behind you and realizing  that it doesn't matter if your memories have a proof or not because they will linger in your memory and heart forever.

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