Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening Questions and Answers
by Robert Frost

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening book cover
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What is the "message" of the poem?

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There is a mistaken assumption built into this question—that poets are preachers or philosophers or moralizers in every poem they write.  Here, Frost is an observer, a contemplater, and (even if you subscribe to the theory that the woods represent death) the poem is a sketch of a moment in his own experience when he pauses to breathe in the calmness of the atmosphere.  If there is any “lesson” to be passed along, it is to enjoy occasionally the beauty of the stillness around your busy day, to let the hurly-burly of the physical world pause a moment to not forget to feel the textures of life.  The horse, in this interpretation, helps to reinforce the metaphor; it is a dumb beast, incapable of contemplation; “he gives his harness bells a shake” because he cannot separate “work” from “living” and cannot imagine, cannot project to a non-working existence, but Frost can.  Near the end of a busy day doing something away from his home, the first-person narrator pauses on his way to his bed.  Why?  No practical reason—no adjustment, no impediment, just a moment of tranquility.  Frost is perhaps suggesting the reader should do the same from time to time.


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On the surface this poem is simplicity itself the speaker was first depresses because he had been through bad times so he was on his horse on his thinking to leave every thing behind and walk away he was riding without paying attention on the road but when he sees the the wood he forgets all his worries and aww at the nature but when his hose shakes its harness bells he think abut his promises to keep & thinks that if he has gone through his bad times so what, after a hurricane comes a rainbow so he hurries hack home by this v learn that failure comes to every one but v should not be so depressed by it v have to work hard if not enough word hardest but reach the goal 

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