In Frankenstein, what message might Victor be missing when he dreams that his kiss turns Elizabeth into a corpse?

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In Chapter Five of Frankenstein, Victor finally realizes his life's dream when he successfully reanimates the creature.  His dream turns into more of a nightmare, however, as he looks upon the fragmented parts of the creature and realizes with horror that he has created an abomination.  Disgusted, he flees from the room, and on that same night, he has the vivid dream of kissing Elizabeth only to have her transform into his mother's corpse. 

In many ways, Victor's dream of kissing Elizabeth is parallel to that of his dream of creating life--both begin beautifully with the promise of goodness but end horrifically in death.  Moreover, Victor should realize that his dream of Elizabeth foreshadows her death.  The kiss they share symbolizes romance, the beginning of a relationship, but it also transforms her into a corpse.  Victor should heed this dream of Elizabeth as a warning; no good will come of his pursuit of her, only death.


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