What message does The Help send, in terms of injustice and the nature of humans in terms of injustice?

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One can take this message in different potential directions. Overall, one might see the message in The Help involving the necessity of courage in fighting injustice.

Among the white families depicted in this novel, a code of enforced unity prevails. Individually, few of the characters have much courage to impose injustice on their own, but with the backing of the larger community, they perpetuate all kinds of obvious indignities and injustices. The generational, or systemic, privilege that supports this community amplifies their power over others, encouraging them to maintain power and privilege by denying it to others.

Similarly, the maids are isolated in the homes in which they work, economically desperate for the income this belittling work provides, and disempowered by the larger fabric of Jackson, Mississippi. In Constanine's case, even their children are taken from them.

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