In The Bronze Bow, what message from Simon cause Daniel to leave the mountain?

Expert Answers
accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is in Chapter Three that Simon visits Daniel to bring him an important message. One of the reasons why Daniel joined Rosh and his men in the mountains was that he was running away from Amalek, the blacksmith who was teaching him how to become a blacksmith himself. Amalek's propensity to mistreat his apprentices led Daniel to run away, even though he had a bond to work with Amalek for a number of years. However, Simon brings him news of Amalek that changes Daniel's situation:

Amalek died a fortnight ago, Daniel. You could come back to the village if you like.

With Amalek's death, Daniel is released from any obligation to his former master, and he is effectively a free man who does not need to hide away from civilisation in the mountains any longer for fear of being captured and sent back to Amalek to be abused once again. This gives him a number of options that he did not feel he had before.