What message does this commercial want to convey?http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&v=IcfViklWRsU

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Market researchers would then develop a marketing  program to address the wants and needs of the specific target audience.  The Who (a detailed profile of your potential customers), What (the messages to be conveyed to your target audience), and How (how the messages will reach your audience) of sales would be addressed in the marketing program.

Outline your program campaign by identifying the:

WHO:  a detailed profile of your potential customers The who for your campaign are the target segments you chose from step one. WHAT:  the messages to be conveyed to your target audience The what is the message(s) that you want to convey about your product for each target group.  Your message must appeal to your target segment.  What product message will you use for each group?   The message should differ between the groups.  In other words, how could you market a soft drink that would appeal especially to the target segment skaters, for example.  How could you then develop another campaign aimed at entirely different target segment, such as preppies?  This is the purpose for market segmentation.  You want to focus on the individuality of each group.  Part of your evaluation will consider how you managed to appeal to two different segment groups. Summarize the message to be conveyed to each group.