What message does Roger Chartier convey in the text "The practical Impact of Writing"

thirdgraderocks | Student

In this text you will discover Chartier’s discussion of animosity toward writing. He uses the example of Jack Cade’s rebellion in Shakespeare’s Henry VI, Part 2, to illustrate the reasons why some people rejected writing. Chartier also notes that there was hostility among the upper classes toward the proliferation of printed books. I absolutely agree with his assertion that the hostility stemed from the fact that those “who had hitherto enjoyed a monopoly of the production and discussion of knowledge” were reluctant to relinquish power (125).

In the section on silent reading, Chartier claims printing “should not be credited with intellectual and psychological changes that were really the result of a new method of reading” (126). His comment seems to be an argument against Elizabeth Eisenstein. In response to his comment, I think Eisenstein would argue that printing brought about the widespread practice of silent reading, and was, thus, responsible for intellectual and psychological changes.