The Happy Prince Questions and Answers

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What message do you get from this story?

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"The Happy Prince" sends the message that true happiness and fulfillment comes from serving the needs of others less fortunate than yourself.

When he is alive, the Happy Prince lives behind the walls of a palace and enjoys all of life's pleasures. He knows nothing of poverty and despair. After he dies, he is crafted into a beautiful statue, covered in gold, with jewels for eyes, and placed in the center of his city. For the first time, he sees the suffering of his people. This distresses him greatly, and when he meets the Swallow, he is able to harness the Swallow's ability to fly to sell his statue's gold and jewels and bring help those in need.

This brings him—and the Swallow—a fulfillment far beyond what the pleasures of palace life provide. Finally, when he has nothing left to give, the Happy Prince (and the Swallow) are brought to heaven, fully honored for their lives of generous and sacrificial giving to others.

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