What is the message conveyed through the story "how much land does a man required ??

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all a man really requires is three russian ells of land to burry his body. the rest whatever we have hoarded and amassed all our life is not required at the time of death. a man comes to this earth empty handed and also leaves this earth empty handed. all his riches,jewels,lands,possessions he has to leave behind and go. when alexander the great died he wished that when people came to pay respects to his dead body , his arms should be taken out  of the shrouds and arranged palm side up, to show the world he has left the world empty handed. the message is given somewhat differently in this story.. we all forget the supereme reality,in our daily race for bread. the worldly possessions are of no use to us in th world beyond life. only our kind acts on earth and our goodness will be of use to us there. rest all these meaterials will be left behind. this is the message conveyed by Tolstoy in his story "how man land does a man require". we need to be able to temper our wants with reason and know when to call a halt to our endless greed and want.......

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