What message are the authors sending about death/violence through the characters and events? Write a thesis statement according to your text.can someone help me im in need of help. thank you

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This is an interesting question, because death and violence are caused/perpetrated over the course of the novel by both the Ibo and the colonists.  Here are some points to consider

The fact that Umuofia and its warriors gain glory through the deaths of enemy warriors

The death of the "daughter of Umuofia"

The death of Ikemafuna (as retribution for the death above)

The death of the boy at the end of part 1 (the boy who dies when Okonkwo's gun malfunctions)

The market massacre perpetrated by the colonists

Okonkwo's last act of violence (killing the messenger) before he dies.

Go back in your text and examine these things.  You should definitely add to the list, too, since there's a lot of stuff I didn't mention!  Then decide:  Does violent death have any benefit in the text?  If so, who does it benefit?  Do people who kill violently have anything in common?  Are there differences between the violent sitations perpetrated by the colonists and the ones perpetratd by the Ibo?  Do death and violence in the text point to a truth about people in general?  The answer to any one of these questions could lead you in the direction of a thesis.  Good luck!

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