What are the merits of learning each learning theory?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The most obvious benefit to learning different learning theories is that a greater chance of reaching all learners is evident.  When more than one learning theory is understood and appropriated, more learners can be reached. The process of learning and understanding is complex.  It is now understood that different learners understand and process information through different theories of cognition.  When more of these theories are accepted and appropriated as part of instruction, more students are reached.  Different learners' needs are met when other learning theories are understood.  It is this merit that becomes the most convincing in terms of learning other theories of knowledge acquisition.

At the same time, another merit of learning different learning styles is that one understands specific content in a more nuanced and intricate manner. Learners are not the only ones who benefit from understanding different learning theories.  Those who instruct in specific content understand their content more when they can grasp it from different points of reference and different learning theories.  Content becomes richer and more meaningful when it can be understood through different learning theories because different aspects of content become more revealed.  It is in these domains where I think that there are merits of learning different learning theories.