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What are men's quarter? (like in Fort Macleod) and what were they used for?

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Men’s quarters are another name for enlisted man’s barracks, which were a basic feature of most frontier fort sin the U.S. and Canada.

In most frontier forts, the regular soldiers and officers were housed separately to prevent fraternization between ranks and to establish the officer ranks as separate from their regular enlisted men. To lend more authority to this distinction, enlisted men’s barracks, sometimes called men’s barracks, were always built and labeled separately on most frontier forts. This is true of Fort Macleod in Canada as well as forts such as Apache in Arizona and Union in New Mexico. Usually officers’ homes or housing was referred to as “officers row”

A unique facet of Macleaod however was the addition of “Mounties quarters” on the opposite side of the main stockade. There were reserved for the mounted police when they visited the area or passed through on patrol. Since military structure demanded a separation between branches of the service, these units were house separately from regular enlisted troops.   

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