What are men's attitudes towards women in Romeo and Juliet? How should I structure the question? Should I divide it into an inferior attitude (Capulet servants, Mercutio, Lord Capulet) and an idealization (Romeo)?

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On the whole, men's attitudes towards women are often negative in this play (with the exception of Romeo).

Take a look at Lord Capulet to begin:

  • He tells his wife what to do. It's never really a discussion between the two of them. (i.e. he tells her to tell Juliet their decree about Paris)
  • He curses Juliet for having an opinion about who she wants to or doesn't want to marry. In fact, 3-4 times, he commits to kick her out if she doesn't obey.
  • When the Nurse tries to intervene in the discussion of marriage, Capulet cuts her off.


  • His interaction with the nurse is extremely disrespectful to an elder. He calls her names and makes fun of her to the point that...

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