What is the opinion of Menelaus of Odysseus in The Odyssey?

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It is in Book Four of The Odyssey when Telemachus visits Menelaus and his wife, Helen, whom he has taken back from Troy after the end of the battle. Telemachus is of course hunting news of his father at the urging of the goddess Athena, and therefore hopes to find some concrete information about his father's whereabouts from Menelaus.

Remember that Menelaus and Odysseus fought on the same side against Troy. It is clear that Menelaus feels great respect and esteem for Odysseus. He recalls the time when Odysseus saved the Greeks whilst they were in the horse. Helen had come to the horse to try and tempt the hidden Greeks into calling out by mimicking the voices of their wives. They would have succumbed to this temptation if it were not for Odysseus who kept them focussed through his charisma and leadership.

Therefore, although Menelaus does not have any information regarding the whereabouts of Odysseus, we can infer from his memories of Odysseus that he has great respect for Telemachus' father.

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