What are the melodramatic features in the Lady Windermere's fan?

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Melodrama is a genre developed in the 1800s, with the purpose of entertaining audiences through the presentation of situations that concur with the following characteristics:

A mystery or problem to be resolved in the end for the benefit of the good and the just.

  • Villains versus heroes  
  • A fair or happy ending
  • The combination of human emotions
  • A three-act format, as minimum

With these elements alone, we can certainly see how melodramatic characteristics are evident in Lady Windermere's Fan.

Lord and Lady Windermere seem to be the victims of the cunning Mrs. Erlynne, who is using Lord Windermere for her own agenda. As a result, Lady Windermere suffers, the marriage obviously suffers, and society basically witnesses what could be an open affair: Something humilliating to Lady Windermere.

The happy ending...

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