What Is The Medical Term For "Heart Attack"?

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The medical term for a heart attack is AMI, acute myocardial infarction. AMI's can be precipitated by several conditions such as coronary artery disease, cardiac arrythmia, or hyperlipidemia. In myocardial infarction tissue death in the heart occurs. If the area of tissue death is extensive the person might die. On the other hand, if the area of tissue death is minimal the person may survive.

CAD, or coronary artery disease, is a major causitive factor in AMI. The coronary arteries become sclerosed due to atherosclerotic plaque buidup in the inside lining of the blood vessels. Disturbances in cardiac rhytmn can also cause a heart attack. These disturbances are usually related to potassium and sodium levels. Hyperlipidemia can also play a role in heart disease. Too many circulating lipids in the blood tends to increase the odds of a lethal cardiac event. There is also somewhat new evidence that chronic inflammatory states increase the risk of heart disease and myocardial infarction.

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The medical term for "heart attack" is myocardial infarction. During a heart attack, blood flow is reduced through one of the main arteries, resulting in the death of many heart muscle cells.

Heart attacks are among the leading causes of death in the United States; 33 percent of heart attack victims die within 20 days after the attack. Almost half of those deaths occur immediately, before the patient even arrives at the hospital. The actual recovery rate varies with the size and location of the arterial blockage and extent of damage. The possibility of recovery from a heart attack improves if vigorous treatment begins immediately.

Sources: Diseases and Disorders Handbook, pp. 491-96; Professional Guide to Diseases, 4th ed., pp. 1069-73.

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The medical term for heart attack is MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION. 

There are various arteries involved in the circulation of blood. One of them is coronary artery that brings blood and oxygen to the heart. This artery when blocked by clotting of blood, the cells will die due to starvation. This causes MYI.

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The Medical Term for a heart attack is called an 'acute myocardial infarction.' This is one of the most common terms used for a heart attack besides MI, which stands for myocardial infarction. However there are other names for a heart attack depending on the cause.

Besides a(n) (acute) myocardial infarcation, a heart attack may also be called coronary thrombosis or coronary occlusion. The differences are that an MI is due to damage or death to the actual heart muscle which causes the blood going through that area of the heart to be cut off, resulting in a heart attack. A coronary thrombosis is when a clot forms inside one of the arteries in the heart. This clot will block blood flow resulting in a heart attack. A coronary occlusion is an obstruction of a coronary artery which blocks blood flow. 

There are many other names for heart attacks as well, such as STEMI heart attacks, NSTEMI heart attacks, coronary artery spasm, demand ischemia.

A STEMI heart attack is the same as a coronary occlusion except the coronary artery is completely blocked.

An NSTEMI heart attack is found through a test to see if there is a protein called troponin in someone's blood. This protein is only released when the heart muscle is damaged. These heart attacks occur when the coronary artery is only partially blocked.

A Coronary Artery Spasm is when the walls of an artery, or possibly arteries, tighten and cut off the blood flow. This type of heart attack is not due to a plaque buildup or a blockage within the artery.

Demand Ischemia is when someone is not receiving enough oxygen in their blood. If there is not enough oxygen going into the blood stream, then not enough oxygen is going out to the rest of the body. It affects the heart first which causes the heart attack.

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Myocardial infarction or MI. This occurs when a blood clot reaches cardiac tissue resulting in the death of the affected area. 

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